The Last Alarm For Retired Fire Chief Jerry Sears


Jerry D. Sears
1/11/1941- 12/9/2018

Chief Sears’s loss has hit the members of the Seneca fire department especially hard since he was a role model to many and even more importantly, our friend.  Chief Sears was a true cornerstone of the foundation of Seneca Fire Department as he truly lived and breathed for public service. The safety and well-being of the firefighters were amongst his biggest passions. Even after 45 years, his commitment to the fire service never faded. We will always remember him as a man of integrity, strength and courage. He will be remembered fondly by all of us. Rest in peace, Chief Sears. We’ll take it from here. ( Source: Seneca FD Facebook)

Chief Sears Severed 44 years with the Seneca IL, Fire Department




The Last Alarm Audio For Seneca Fire Department’s Retired Fire Chief Jerry Sears


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